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Dolores B. Jacobs

The author, Dolores B. Jacobs, is a northern New Mexican who lives near Santa Fe. Her two adult children live in the eastern United States.  She spends time with her animals, a Lab named Maxwell who spends summers in the kiddie pool and a Shar Pei mix who has toenails like an inscrutable Chinese wizard.  Her outdoor pastime is gardening and interacting with wildlife.


Unsuspected –  A Crime Novel

UNSUSPECTED is the author’s first published crime novel and she has begun working on a second book.  She uses the Southwestern landscape, specifically New Mexico geography and the historical customs and beliefs of its multicultural people as the stage for her writing.  She’s an astute observer of human nature and a talented storyteller. She has a special fascination for the behavior of people who are driven or influenced by superstitious beliefs.  She finds unsolved mysteries particularly fascinating and likes to write stories that cast a light into the darker places within otherwise ordinary lives.


Story Telling

She credits her great grandmother for introducing her to the love and art of storytelling.  As a child she spent many occasions in her company listening to the dichos (wise sayings) and cuentos (folk tales) that she never tired of hearing recited in Spanish.  Raised as a bilingual speaker, it is no accident that an important factor in her writing is the ability to create believable and memorable Spanish speaking characters.  Her books are peppered with the use of colorful and expressive language because, she says, “That’s how some people in New Mexico actually talk.”


Dolores B. Jacobs Background

Her college degree is in English, education and art.  She still loves reading the literature of Hemingway, Steinbeck, Faulkner and others—you know—the authors that students read in school.  She also has a special love of poetry and counts several poets among her close friends.  Her very favorite books, however, are suspense novels that involve interesting historical or technical content and have complex character interactions.  She likes a fast paced thriller, including science fiction, the kind of book you can read on a roundtrip flight from Albuquerque to Maryland.  Writers like Grisham, Patterson, Crichton, Eco, Oates, le Carre, Forsyth and Gabaldon are some of her contemporary favorites.

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My New Author’s World

New Mexico can be a harsh place without water.  The earth dries and cracks like thick spackel—it is, after all, a desert environment.  A single seed, under the layers of dry mud, carries in its DNA the entire blueprint for what it will become.  When the time is right, and the rain comes, the seed germinates. A single sprout corkscrews its way toward the light.

And so it has been for me.  I’m educated, had a career, been a parent, am now a grandmother, and my experience gives me an interesting perspective on the world.  I may be a new author on the scene, but I am an old soul.  I have lots to say and stories to tell.  I plan to write more novels, some non-fiction, lots of blogs and maybe a little poetry.  I hope you will join me on this new journey.  I’ll do my best to entertain and inform you with all sorts of interesting things.  Welcome to My New Author’s World.